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Our company went public in June 1997, with the intention of becoming a nationwide provider of building systems installation and maintenance. 

We had 12 operating companies in those days, and revenues of approximately $167 million.  Now, we’ve grown to 36 companies nationwide, in 87 locations with revenues of $1.33 billion.

Our tremendous growth came from successfully expanding services to existing customers and attracting high-quality companies into our network of subsidiary companies. Airtemp Inc., joined Comfort Systems USA in 1999 and has been operating in Maine and New Hampshire since 1986.

Our nationwide scope gives our customers distinct advantages over our individual local competitors.  And as we look forward as a company, we share best practices, ideas and technology to give you better project quality, performance and safety. 

In the future, energy costs will continue to top the operations budgets for many of our customers.  We’re very focused on that challenge, and in delivering tangible, bottom-line results that can help you recover some of those expenses.  And we’ll continue to build on our past successes to become a partner that you can count on well into the future.